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I have more than 20 years of corporate communications/public relations-affairs/ journalism/research experience.

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I started in the staffing/employment services industry in 1987 as corporate communications manager at an international temporary help services company that was a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company. Subsequently, I spent eight years at a trade association as director of research and public relations before becoming the de facto Washington DC bureau of a California newsletter publisher. In late 2002, I decided to pursue other interests and took some time off before returning to the world of work the following year.

I have more than 20 years of marketing, public relations, publications, and media relations experience. My work has ranged from the creation of unique PR/communications materials (which became the cornerstones to successful marketing and membership programs) to initial website development to original research that provided more than just useful and strategic information for members/subscribers. It also supported the organization’s legislative/public affairs goals while raising its profile in front of its own membership as well as non-members, gained favorable attention in the national media and hence the public at large, and advanced its agenda before state and federal legislators and regulators. I have also produced – from initial concept to fill a specific communications need to final hands-on production – every genre of collateral communications material imaginable from one-page flyers to news releases to 450-page books. 

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